Tenured academic staff in Spanish linguistics, U. of Antwerp

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UAntwerpDeadline: 27th April 2014

The Faculty of Arts at the University of Antwerp is seeking to fill the following full-time vacancy in the Department of Linguistics:

Tenured academic staff in the area of Spanish linguistics and language proficiency in Spanish

Job description

  • You are responsible for teaching Spanish linguistics and language proficiency in Spanish at the BA and MA levels, including phonetics/phonology, morphosyntax, semantics, and pragmatics. You will cover various (sub)domains of Spanish linguistics in your courses. You also coordinate the grammar and language proficiency courses at the BA level. You will be assigned the following lecturing duties: Spanish Proficiency 3 (BA2, 4 ECTS); Spanish Linguistics 1 (BA1, 4 ECTS, preferably taught in Dutch); Spanish Linguistics 2 (BA2, 6 ECTS); Spanish Linguistics 3 (BA3, 4 ECTS) as well as an MA course in Spanish linguistics (6 ECTS);
  • You will conduct scientific research in the areas of (Spanish) morphosyntax, semantics, and/or pragmatics, in line with the ongoing research in these domains in the Department.
  • You will acquire and manage external funding (national and international).
  • You will offer additional services, including mentoring Spanish students at the BA level.

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