I Seminar - General Assembly - Second announcement

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Seminar - General Assembly 'Interaction and Society'
14th June 2016 – Universitat de València – Spain

2nd announcement Call for proposals – deadline 1st Abril 2016

The I Seminar – EDiSo – General Assembly, to be held at the Universitat de València on the 14th June 2016 is being organised with the aim of becoming a major EDiSo meeting, and will include the celebration of the General Assembly of the Association. It will be the first a number of annual events to be organised by EDiSo, taking into account that the International Symposium will be held biannually. This year’s event will also involve collaboration with the European Research Network New Speakers in a Multilingual Europe: Opportunities and Challenges ( in which several of our members and participants are already actively involved (e.g. Clara Keating, Luisa Martín Rojo y Rosina Márquez-Reiter).

The meeting has dual aims:

a) From a scientific perspective, it is being organised with the aim of developing themes of general interest to the Association. For 2016, the theme chosen is Interaction and Society.

b) From an organisational and associational perspective, it aims to provide a space for the celebration of the General Assembly, as well as for promoting face-to-face exchanges between EDiSo committees and research groups, in order to help develop proposals for joint activities that contribute to reaching team aims and the overall goals of the Association.

In order to achieve these objectives, for this I Seminar – EDiSo – General Assembly, to be held in Valencia in 2016, the following activities are planned:

a) EDiSo General Assembly (members only): Including the presentation of the President’s annual report, the financial report of the Association, and the work done by the different committees, as well as other matters and ballots to be defined in future announcements.  

b) Two simultaneous data sessions for the analysis of interactional data (open to members and non-members), aimed primarily at junior researchers (doctoral and postdoctoral). In each session there will be 3 slots of 40 minutes in which participants will present their own data. Proposals are now invited for presentations of data of the following types: 1) ordinary conversation, 2) institutional/classroom interaction, or 3) interviews/narratives. See instructions for submitting proposals on the registration form. The call will also be open to members of the COST Network on New Speakers in a Multilingual Europe with the aim of developing further collaborations and dialogue between its members and EDiSO. Participants will discuss the data for 40 minutes in order to jointly construct an analysis. In this way, the workshops will allow research in progress to advance significantly. In total, 6 proposals of data for joint analysis will be selected, and there will be space for a total of 40 participants (20 in each 2.5 hour data session). The sessions will be coordinated by: Júlia Llompart (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona), Emilee Moore (University of Leeds), Adriana Patiño Santos (University of Southampton) and Luci Nussbaum (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona).
Certificates will be provided for presenters and participants.

c) Meetings of EDiSo working groups and research teams with the aim of developing joint proposals for the III International Symposium in 2017 and/or other collaborative projects or activities. Please use the registration form to suggest topics for meetings you would like to coordinate, indicating whether the meetings are open or not to new participants, and these will be made public in advance in order to push participation. This session will be coordinated by Maria Sabaté Dalmau (Universitat de Lleida).
Certificates will be provided for participants coordinating and attending meetings.

d) A workshop/roundtable on the contributions and limitations of different approaches to the study of interaction and society (open to members and non-members). The panellists will be researchers will different profiles in the study of interaction, and they will discuss some of the theoretical and epistemological issues in relation to interactional and social processes of interest to research on discourse and society, responding to articles that will distributed in advance and should be read by all participants. The invited panellists are: Ignasi Clemente (Hunter College, CUNY); Gabriela Prego (Universidade de Santiago de Compostela); Rosina Márquez-Reiter (University of Surrey, COST EU Network on New Speakers in a Multilingual Europe, who will focus in particular on researching new speaker profiles). Clara Keating (Universidade de Coimbra) will moderate.
Certificates will be provided for participants.

e) EDiSo committee meetings.

Registration (deadline 1st April)
General assembly only: €0
Members/students/unemployed people: €20
Non-members: €40
10 bursaries of €50 will be offered for young researchers, giving priority to those who propose presentations in the data sessions.

Link to online registration form


Calendario de encuentros EDiSo en 2016

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En los próximos días, van a difundirse a través del portal de EDISO, la lista de correo y  las redes sociales distintas convocatorias de la asociación. Como se decidió en la Asamblea en Coímbra, el Simposio EDiSo será bianual, por tanto, el próximo se celebrará en junio de 2017. Pronto se publicará información acerca del lugar, tema y organización.

La asamblea debe celebrarse anualmente, por lo que el 14 de junio de 2016 tendrá lugar el primera Seminario-Asamblea-EDiSo, dedicado al tema Interacción y Sociedad / Interacció i Societat/ Interaction and Society / Interação y Sociedad. Ya está publicada la primera llamada a la participación y muy pronto se enviará la segunda, y se abrirá la inscripción. Este encuentro es muy importante, no sólo por la asamblea, sino porque entre los objetivos de las reuniones de grupos está el de crear redes de investigación y preparar paneles y propuestas para el Simposio de 2017. Por lo que es muy importante que asistamos el mayor número de soci@s posible.

Este año también se van a celebrar algunos encuentros temáticos, que responden a iniciativas que han surgido dentro de la Asociación o en colaboración con ella. En Roma se celebrará un taller sobre Paisaje lingüístico de la migración. Un recorrido entre lenguas, teorías y modelos; y en el Algarve, un encuentro sobre Línguas e Mobilidades/Mobilidades lingüísticas. Ambos se celebrarán en otoño de 2016 y también en estos días recibiréis información sobre ellos.

Las actividades de EDiSo en 2016 quedan así articuladas:

Calendario 2016