Fuentes-Rodríguez & Álvarez-Benito: A Gender-based Approach to Parliamentary Discourse

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dapsac 68 hbC. Fuentes-Rodríguez and G. Álvarez-Benito (eds.), A Gender-based Approach to Parliamentary Discourse. The Andalusian Parliament, 2016, Amsterdam, John Benjamins Publishing.

Does gender condition politicians’ discourse strategies in parliament? This is the question we try to answer in A Gender-based Approach to Parliamentary Discourse: The Andalusian Parliament. This book, written by experts in the field of discourse analysis, covers key aspects of political discourse such as gender, identity and verbal and nonverbal strategies: intensification, enumerative series, non-literal quotations, pseudo-desemantisation, lexical colloquialisation, emotion, eye contact and time management. It provides a large number of examples from a balanced gender parliament, the Andalusian Parliament, and it focuses mainly on argumentation, since parliamentary discourse is above all argumentative. This book will prove invaluable to students and teachers in the field of discourse analysis, and more specifically of political discourse, and will also be very useful to politicians and anyone interested in communication strategies.

Table of Contents
Introduction - Gloria Álvarez-Benito and Catalina Fuentes-Rodríguez
Women in the Andalusian Parliament - Catalina Fuentes-Rodríguez
Intensification, identity and gender in the Andalusian Parliament - Catalina Fuentes-Rodríguez
Gender differences in enumerative series - Ester Brenes Peña
Argumentation and face-threatening acts: The non-literal quotation - José M. López Martín
Pseudo-desemantisation as a discursive strategy in political discourse - Juan Manuel García Platero and Auxiliadora Castillo Carballo
Lexical colloquialisation in commissions of the Andalusian Parliament - Marina González Sanz
Emotional argumentation in political discourse - Esperanza Alcaide Lara, Aurelia Carranza Márquez and Catalina Fuentes-Rodríguez
Gender differences in eye-contact behaviour in parliamentary discourse- Gloria Álvarez-Benito and Isabel Íñigo-Mora
Time, gender and parliamentary discourse - Antonio M. Bañón Hernández, Juan Manuel Arcos Urrutia and Samantha Requena Romero
Conclusions - Catalina Fuentes-Rodríguez and Gloria Álvarez-Benito
Subject Index

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